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Flystrike is a major disease and welfare risk for the sheep industry.  Each year, treatment and lost production associated with flystrike cost the industry $173 million.

FlyBoss provides you with management tools and the latest information on flystrike to help you:

  • Predict fly strike occurrence and identify the best management options to reduce risk;
  • Deal with fly strike outbreaks; and
  • Better understand all matters pertaining to fly strike and its control.

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Lice infestations reduce fleece weight and downgrade wool quality, costing the sheep industry $81 million each year in treatment costs and loss production.

LiceBoss contains the latest information on lice and management including Liceboss Tools and LiceBoss Notes to help:

  • Prevent new infestations;
  • Detect infestations through structured monitoring; and
  • Eradicate infestations in short and long wool sheep and manage chemical residues in wool.

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Worm infection is the most costly disease of sheep and goats with an estimated respective yearly cost of $436 million and $2.5 million to these Australian industries. The major cost of worm infection is from lost production.

WormBoss provides the latest information about worms and management tools including Drench Decision Guides and Regional Worm Control Programs to help you:

  • Solve your current worm problem;
  • Implement an effective integrated worm control program; and
  • Manage drench resistance.

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ParaBoss is funded by Meat and Livestock Australia and Australian Wool Innovation and coordinated by the

University of New England with industry oversight. WormBoss, FlyBoss and ParaBoss were developed by the Sheep CRC.

LiceBoss was developed by Australian Wool Innovation.