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ParaBoss is a not-for-profit organisation that unites and manages WormBoss, FlyBoss and LiceBoss.

These resources provide sheep producers and industry professionals with practical and cost-effective recommendations and decision support tools to control sheep parasites.

By advertising on the Boss web sites and in the ParaBoss News, your company will reach a highly targeted national and international audience, and you will be supporting the ongoing delivery and improvement of this world-class resource.

The average monthly audience accross the ParaBoss websites for 2018/19 stands at 18,500 users each month, having 22,200 sessions and 40,500 page views.  The e-newsletter is sent each month to 3,500 subscribers.

What ParaBoss offers and why it is used and endorsed by the sheep industry

Respected brand

  • National authority for the extension of sheep parasite management.
  • Leader in the development of national best practice and industry information, training and tools for sheep parasite management.

Strong technical foundations

  • Technically independent providing information and tools which are credible, procedural, evidence-based and closely informed by research and the needs of industry.
  • Technical relevance provided by a Technical Committee of industry professionals, knowledgeable and experienced in parasite management across Australia, which reviews research /communication /extension needs and makes final recommendations for RD&E priorities and national best practice information.

Excellent industry use of web sites

  • Well established web sites providing information and tools for sheep parasite management with high visit rates to WormBoss, FlyBoss and LiceBoss.

Powerful links with industry

  • Industry relevance by facilitating national forums and workshops to provide advisors and researchers of sheep parasite management with a mechanism to debate contentious topics with the purpose of refining best practice recommendations and identifying issues worthy of research.
  • Industry engagement through participation.
  • Mentoring and encouragement of emerging sheep parasitologists.
  • Commercially focused by supporting development of business tools for industry.

Please contact us with your name and your company name and your contact details to receive details of our advertising packages.

Banner display advertisement sequencing

Advertisements on the WormBoss, FlyBoss and LiceBoss websites operate within a "share-of view" format.

  • The leaderboards (top of page) on each site have 4 share-of-view and appear on the home page and internal pages (except the FlyBoss and LiceBoss Tools pages, which are hosted separately).
  • The scaled MREC in the left margin of internal pages is also 4 share-of-view (again on internal pages, except for Tools pages).
  • There are 3 MREC spaces available on the right side of the home pages only, each of these is 2-share-of-view. (Only 2 of these spaces may be displayed).

Share-of-view describes the number of advertisement graphics that share an advertising space (i.e. leaderboard or one of the MRECs).

For example, a four share-of-view has four graphics sharing the space. Graphics are shuffled for each visitor when they arrive to the website, and each graphic in the set will then be displayed in order as the visitor views new pages or refreshes the page they are on. Once the visitor has viewed (or refreshed) as many pages as there are images in the sequence, then the sequence will start over and continue to repeat indefinitely with further page openings or refreshes. If a visitor closes their browser, and then returns to the site, a new random sequence is allocated for that visit.

This ensures that the exposure of each share-of-view to visitors is the same when averaged over multiple visits and visitors, and that no ad appears first more often.

This model of displaying banner ads is in common use.

We currently do not offer share-of-view that rotates on a time basis, but may do so in the future. Such a system allows one ad in that space to appear for a set time (such as 15 seconds) then the next ad appears for 15 seconds, and so on, rotating through the ads that share that space, while ever the same page is open, which again would be randomly allocated to a sequence.