ParaBoss vision, mission and overview


ParaBoss is the national authority for ruminant livestock parasite management; funded, endorsed and used by industry to improve parasite management of sheep, goats and cattle.


Lead the development of national best practice and industry information, training and extension tools for parasite management and engage industry participation in this process.

Overview of ParaBoss

ParaBoss is an organisation that provides industry leadership for ruminant livestock parasite management through its respected brands, a strong and independent technical foundation, extensive industry networks and well-used industry web sites. It currently has:

  • An independent Technical Committee of industry professionals to ensure the technical accuracy of ParaBoss information, programs and tools
  • An extensive and active network of industry professionals and service providers
  • WormBoss, FlyBoss and LiceBoss websites, which contain best practice information and tools for sheep and goats (cattle will later be included)
  • ParaBoss News (e-newsletter) published twice monthly with state outlooks and feature articles
  • Technical and promotional articles provided to industry publications
  • Biennial ParaBoss Technical Workshop for industry professionals
  • ParaBoss Web Forum for industry professionals
  • Producer training materials provided as online self-directed learning
  • Materials that support other industry groups and extension programs
  • A track record in providing parasitology expertise through consultancy services to research and development corporations, agribusiness and other industry organisations

ParaBoss will add or investigate the following attributes in the funding period 2017–2021:

  • Improved content, products and services for the Boss sites with cattle information to be included
  • ParaBoss websites provided in a device-friendly format which will better enable Tools to be used on-line on mobile devices. Re-development of Boss Tools to suit responsive formats (FlyBoss
  • Flystrike Risk Tool, FlyBoss and LiceBoss Products Tool, LiceBoss Long Wool Tool, LiceBoss Treatment Guide, WormBoss Drench Decision Guide, WormBoss Drenches Database).
  • A nationally endorsed and independently assessed training process in sheep parasite management for professional trainers, industry advisors, service providers and producers
  • Video and audio files that promote best practices and procedures
  • A Drench Resistance Database to store DrenchTest results for producers and their nominated representatives to allow better drench purchasing decisions
  • Content for other species
  • A laboratory quality assurance scheme for worm egg counts and coprocultures