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New England WormBoss PDS Seminar

Tuesday the 14th of February

Stop drenching all summer!

  • Reduce your number of drenches
  • Reduce your cost of worms
  • Reduce deaths from worms


New England WormBoss Producer Demonstration Site Workshop

Tuesday 14th February

8.30 am - 1 pm

Warrane, Armidale

RSVP essential by Friday 10 February:
Deb Maxwell
0437 524 16

  • Attendance free
  • Morning tea supplied
  • Please bring your own CHAIR 
  • New project participants wanted
  • Invite a friend or neighbour



  • Overview of WormBoss* program
  • Weaner worm control
  • Preparing low worm-risk spring lambing paddocks now 
  • Demo: Conducting a drench reistance test
  • Drench resistance management
  • Review of project participants’ progress
  • WormTesting


New project participants are now wanted, who will*

  • Apply the WormBoss program in one mob of ewes and weaners
  • Conduct a Drench Resistance Test (you pay $330, MLA pays the rest $415)
  • Conduct WormTests (you pay $37, MLA pays the rest $21)
  • Receive all necessary guidance and free advice on test results 

(*for full details: contact Deb Maxwell)


Practical, proven, cost-effective

  • Largest gains with Merinos
  • Crossbreds do benefit
  • You could halve your costs of worms and the number of drenches given, compared with typical management relying on drenches


Work smarter, not harder;

give WormBoss a go,

it’s easier than you think.


WormBoss is funded and managed by MLA, AWI and UNE