FlyBoss for Sheep

Flystrike is a major disease and welfare risk for the sheep industry.  Each year, treatment and lost production associated with flystrike cost the industry $173 million.

FlyBoss for sheep provides you with management tools and the latest information on flystrike to help you:

  • Predict fly strike occurrence and identify the best management options to reduce risk;
  • Deal with flystrike outbreaks; and
  • Better understand all matters pertaining to flystrike and its control.

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FlyBoss for Cattle

Buffalo flies are a significant cattle pest in northern Australian cattle, estimated to cost the Australian beef and dairy industries approximately $100m annually.

FlyBoss for cattle provides you with management and treatment recommendations for buffalo flies and other flies:

  • Annual program and management options for buffalo flies
  • Treatment option for all flies
  • Mosquitoes and midges, blow flies, march flies, feedlot flies
  • Viral, bacterial and other parasites transmitted by flies

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