LiceBoss for Sheep

Lice infestations reduce fleece weight and downgrade wool quality, costing the sheep industry $81 million each year in treatment costs and loss production.

LiceBoss contains the latest information on lice and management including Liceboss Tools and LiceBoss Notes to help:

  • Prevent new infestations;
  • Detect infestations through structured monitoring; and
  • Eradicate infestations and manage chemical residues in wool.

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LiceBoss for Cattle

Generally, in Australia, lice do not reach levels of infestation likely to cause significant reduction in weight gains or milk production. However, lice infestations can make cattle rub against objects causing damage to fences, infrastructure, and hides and can cause a ‘rough’ appearance.

LiceBoss for cattle provides information on

  • Cattle lice, their identification and signs
  • Management for lice
  • Treatment options

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