Wormcasts are podcasts produced by ParaBoss covering parasite management topics—worms, flies, lice, ticks and fluke—for sheep, cattle and goats.

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Episode 1. Introducing Wormcasts and its hosts Episode 2. Code-breaking the jargon Episode 3. What happens when you take your finger off the pulse Episode 4. What about the parasites on the pasture? Episode 5. Visiting our friends at the APVMA Episode 6. Fly control as you move away from mulesing with John Webb Ware Episode 7. The History of drenches Episode 8. What’s important about a parasite’s life cycles Episode 9. Better control of parasites and extending the life of your drenches through Integrated Parasite Management (IPM) Episode 10. Has organics got anything to teach the non-organic farmer

Guest Podcasts

Sheep Blowfly Resistance update with Deborah Maxwell

Sheep Connect NSW podcast

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