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Instructional "how-to" videos are presented under the Worms and Lice (Flies to come) headings.

Conference presentations are under the Presentations heading.



Collecting Sheep Dung Samples in the Paddock for a Worm Egg Count

This video offers tips to make collecting sheep dung samples in the paddock faster and easier. 

Each testing laboratory has its own preference for collection bags, bottles or trays, and they cannot all be shown in this video. Ensure that you follow the instructions of the laboratory that you submit samples to. 

Sample Size for Bulk Worm Egg Counts

This video explains how many samples you need to collect for a bulk worm egg count.




Presentations from the ParaBoss Conference 2018

Each of the links below is a video of a presentation or discussion session


Workshop Introduction

  • Presenter: Deb Maxwell, ParaBoss Executive Officer
Workshop Introduction video  (Maxwell) 8 minutes   

Virbac Animal Health sponsor presentation

  • Presenter: Susan Swaney2
Virbac Introduction video (Swaney) 4 minutes  

Conference dinner presentation: Sometimes it's all in the formulation

  • Presenters: Chhaya Mahashabde1 and Susan Swaney2
Presentation video (Mahashabde, Swaney) 28 minutes  

Scouring: causes, diagnosis, management and treatment

  • Presenters: John Webb Ware3, Caroline Jacobson4
  • Panel:  Paul Nilon5, Brown Besier6
  • Chair: Lewis Kahn7
Presentation video (Webb Ware, Jacobson) 66 minutes  
Discussion video 35 minutes  

Effective worm control while managing drench resistance

  • Presenters: Brown Besier6, Lewis Kahn7, John Webb Ware3
  • Panel: Bruce Watt8
  • Chair: Matt Playford9
Presentation video (Besier, Kahn, Webb Ware) 65 minutes  
Discussion video 26 minutes  

Boehringer Ingelheim sponsor presentation

  • Presenter: Gareth Kelly
Presentation Video (Kelly) 11 minutes  

Goat and Camelid drenches

  • Presenters: Sandra Baxendell10, Abdul Jabbar11
  • Panel: Harun Rashid12, Berwyn Squire13
  • Chair: Bruce Watt8
Presentation video - Goats (Baxendell) 16 minutes  
Presentation video - Alpacas (Jabbar) 18 minutes  
Discussion video 9 minutes  

Flystrike management: breeding, interactive decision tools, management after stopping mulesing

  • Presenters: Brian Horton14, Geoff Lindon15
  • Panel: Peter James16
  • Chair: Paul Nilon5
Presentation video - Risk Tools (Horton) 31 minutes  
Presentation video - Breeding, breech strike (Lindon) 30 minutes  
Discussion video 26 minutes  

Workshop Summary

  • Presenter: Deb Maxwell, ParaBoss Executive Officer
Presentation video 11 minutes  


Presenters, panelists and chairs

1   Chhaya Mahashabde, Virbac Animal Health
2   Susan Swaney, Virbac Animal Health
3   John Webb Ware, Mackinnon Project, University of Melbourne
4   Caroline Jacobson, Murdoch University
5   Paul Nilon, Nilon Farm Health
6   Brown Besier, Brown Besier Parasitology
7   Lewis Kahn, University of New England
8   Bruce Watt, Central Tablelands Local Land Services
9   Matt Playford, Dawbuts
10 Sandra Baxendell, Goat Veterinary Consultancies
11  Abdul Jabbar, University of Melbourne
12  Harun Rashid, University of Melbourne
13  Berwyn Squire, Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources, Victoria
14  Brian Horton, University of Tasmania
15 Geoff Lindon, Australian Wool Innovation
16  Peter James, University of Queensland