Recorded Webinars

Drench Resistance Testing

13 August 2019, 8pm EST

Ineffective drenches have a major impact on sheep health and production over the course of a year—even if the consequences aren’t immediately obvious. A Drench Resistance Test is the gold standard for assessing the effectiveness of a number of drenches against worms on your property.

This webinar details the importance of drench resistance testing and how it will help inform your drenching decisions and slow down the development of resistance on your property.

Low Worm-Risk Paddocks for Summer Rainfall Regions

30 July 2019, 8 pm EST

Learn about the benefits of preparing low worm risk paddocks and step-by-step instructions on how to prepare them for lambing ewes and weaners.

Bulk WormTests Increase Accuracy

9 July 2019, 8 pm EST

This webinar describes the benefits of BULK collection of worm egg count samples to monitor the worm burden of your flock or herd. Worm tests based on bulk sampling provide a more representative result of your flock's worm status than 10 individual counts. The samples are easy to collect and will help you make better decisions regarding your worm control.

WormTests - what's stopping you?

28 May 2019, 8 pm EST

This webinar describes worm egg counting and how the routine use of worm egg counts will improve your worm control program.