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The following upcoming webinars are part of a series that have been developed under MLA's New England WormBoss Producer Demonstration Site Project. 

Choosing and Using Drenches to limit Worm Resistance


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Join The Webinar - Tuesday 10 September 2019

Choosing and Using Drenches to Limit Drench Resistance

How effective are drenches on YOUR property?

A drench is classed as ‘effective’ only when it reduces the worm egg count by 98% or more. At lower levels of efficacy, the worms on your property are drench-resistant.

What do you do to help combat drench resistance?

Effective drenches, combination drenches and short-acting drenches are all practices which can help slow resistance.   

Join us for a FREE webinar that describes how you can choose and use drenches that will limit drench resistance on your property.

WEBINAR: Choosing and Using Drenches to Limit Drench Resistance

WHEN:  Tuesday, 10th September, 8 pm Eastern Standard time (Adelaide 7.30 pm, Perth 6 pm)

PRESENTER: Deb Maxwell, Executive Officer ParaBoss

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Do you think you have drench resistance on your property?

How do you think it affects your drench choice?

What percentage of the 22 farms in Monaro and 11 in New England do YOU think had drench resistance when tested in the last 3 years as part of AWI and MLA projects?

Answer options: a) 0%, b) 17%, c) 43%, d) 72%, e) 88%, f) 100%

The extent of resistance varied across the two regions, across farms within each region, and across the worm species on that property.

Actual answer: 100%

Make an informed choice on drenches that will help you to keep your remaining drenches doing a better job for more years.