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April 2012 news

Please give us some ideas!!

You have heard us sometimes lament how few sheep producers do worm egg counts, or, even more importantly, know their drench resistance status so they can buy drenches which are effective on their properties.

If we assume that research that shows there are only around 10%-15% of producers who know their drench resistance status and around 45%-55% do regular WECs is correct, then the industry has a major issue in the future. That issue is sustainable worm management.

If things stay the same as they are now, it will not be long before industry finds itself back in the bind of not being able to truly manage (note - manage!) worms and the wonderful new products being used now will have worms resistant to them and everything else.

The people involved in WormBoss have tried to effectively communicate with producers about the key issues with worm management. We know we have made some impact, but it is nowhere near what is needed to assure a sustainable future.

I’d like to ask you, our readers, why you think Australian sheep producers do not adopt practices that the WormBoss team knows are time and money saving, boost productivity and reduce the onset of resistance.

Are the messages we put out not credible? Does industry at large believe they are doing a good job of controlling worms (after all the sheep are still alive!)? Are the tests we recommend see as too much trouble, too expensive or not credible?

We would like you to send us a short outline of what you think the problem is. I will dig in the WormBoss box and find something useful for the most useful (to us) responses from producers!

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