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April 2015 ParaBoss News

From the Editor

In most states, some useful rain has improved the outlook nutritionally and for worm activity.

Arthur Le Feuvre

Feature articles

Introduced sheep—should I treat them for lice?

by Lewis Kahn, Executive Officer, Paraboss

I was recently approached to weigh up the lice treatment options for 1000 sheep to be introduced to a property. The LiceBoss Treatment Guide is a new tool to be released that will deal with scenarios like this. >> Read more.

Winter weaner worm worry

from the WormBoss web site

The autumn break brings high worm risk for weaners. Did you prepare winter weaner paddocks or are you about to be caught? >> Read more.

Rains expose fleece rot-susceptible sheep

from the FlyBoss web site

Reports of late-season body strike highlight the need to class against fleece rot and wool colour. >> Read more.

The quick quiz

This 3-question quick quiz tests your knowledge of sheep parasites and their control. >> Take the quiz.

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