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August 2013 news

This month you get a “double header” in terms of managing worms effectively and sustainably.  And, even better, much cheaper in terms of cost and implementation. 

Anyone who says they cannot at least partially implement these recommended management practices isn’t really trying!

Monepantel-resistant goat and sheepworms, and drench-resistant cattle worms

Steve Love, State Coordinator – Internal Parasites, IandD NSW Primary Industries, Armidale.

Sadly the first confirmed case of resistance to Zolvix (monepantel (MPL)) in the field has been reported. A case of MPL-resistant worms on a goat farm in New Zealand was published recently, less than four years after the world-launch of this new drench active in the same country.

Scientists Dr Peter Scott and others recently published the report in the journal, Veterinary Parasitology. Tests on the farm showed MPL had zero efficacy against small brown stomach worm and black scour worm in goats and sheep.

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Worm Management that works!

Lewis Kahn, Associate Professor Animal Science, University of New England

Many of you will know of, or heard about, the value of grazing management in lowering the number of infective worm larvae on pasture.  This is the stage (called L3) that develops from worm eggs deposited in faeces by infected sheep.  It is also the stage that develops into adult worms, females laying eggs, after being eaten by sheep as they go about grazing of pasture, where the L3 reside.  Managing the exposure of sheep to infection from L3 is at the core of good grazing management for worm control and can be highly effective at ensuring sheep graze pastures with low numbers of L3.  As an example, work conducted some years ago by Dr Justin Bailey as part of his PhD at University of New England  demonstrated the effect of lowering the number of L3 on pasture on the performance of spring lambing Merino ewes and lambs in the Northern tablelands of NSW which gets 40% of its rain during the summer.

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