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August 2014 ParaBoss News

Feature articles

Why prepare low worm-risk paddocks?
by Deb Maxwell, Operations Manager, ParaBoss

While many producers across Australia are coming up to lambing or weaning, when low worm-risk paddocks are valuable, other producers are in a position now to think about preparing these paddocks. >> Read more.

It takes planning to stop mulesing
Deb Maxwell, Operations Manager, ParaBoss

Should you stop ‘cold turkey’ or a little at a time? A more successful approach is to develop a breeding and management plan.  It’ll include your criteria for culling sheep, selecting rams, managing dags, tail length, chemical treatments and timing of crutching and shearing. >> Read more.

Lice management practices highlighted by national survey
By Lewis Kahn, Executive Officer, ParaBoss

Lice infestations remain a concern for Australian sheep producers with detection of lice being reported by 23% of producers in 2011 with a further 27% reporting rubbing. >> Read more.

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