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August 2016 ParaBoss News - State Outlooks

Scary fact: double-dose dilemma

When it comes to levamisole-resistant worms, you would need to give a dose big enough to kill the sheep, before it would kill the resistant worms. Double-dosing sheep is not the way to manage drench resistance.

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State Outlooks for August 2016

Predictions for a good spring also mean increased potential for worm and fly parasites to stymie production. For instance, while animals can look good and put on weight, a non-clinical worm burden without the obvious signs of infestation such as dramatic scours, weakness or deaths of sheep, can reduce weaner growth rates by 30%, making the cost of worm testing small by comparison.  

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New South Wales
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Typically, worm egg counts are in the low to moderate range in the majority of cases, but high burdens of black scour and also barber’s pole worm are being detected. August, being an ‘A’ month like April, means that it is time to drench for liver fluke on some at-risk properties. 

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Good pasture levels may exceed demand this spring, but worm egg counts are expected to rise in the next few weeks.

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A conversation about drenching ‘just in case’, because sheep are already in the yards!

Western Australia
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At this time of year, the main focus of worm control is on the lambs. Rarely is there a need to drench either the ewes or lambs at marking if pre-lambing worm control in ewes was effective. 

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When there is water lying around there is always a high risk of black scour worm infections. With the pre-lambing drench strategies now in place, it’s time to plan for the weaning paddocks.

South Australia
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The majority of worm egg counts in the last 3 weeks indicate significant worm burdens in lambs pre-weaning.


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