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January 2012 news

The WormBoss team wishes all our subscribers a very successful and productive 2012.

Most of the country seems to be getting under a bit of the wet stuff here and there, so pasture-wise things should be pretty reasonable for the sheep game.

Of course, green pastures mean that worms will be active if given the opportunity, but early diagnosis and using effective drenches should minimise any negative impacts on growth rates, wool cuts and tensile strength.

Some of our contributors are still enjoying a well-earned break, so the Newsletter is a bit abbreviated this month.

The tip for 2012 (besides the usual WECs and resistance testing) is to start thinking about the rams you are going to use this year. Sires selected for high worm resistance (low WECs) are an excellent investment. If your ram supplier does not select for worm resistance you should ask them why not. If they are unwilling to change, you should think seriously about changing suppliers - worm resistant sheep will save you a lot of time and money.

Greg Curran, VO, Broken Hill, points out this very useful information:

Falls of 50-200mm will make some difference to worms over much of NSW and QLD (not to mention VIC, TAS and WA), especially if there is an existing worm load on pastures or in sheep.

For January 2012 state outlooks, please follow the links below:
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