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January 2014 news

Use refugia to prolong drench life

By Deborah Maxwell, Brown Besier and Lewis Kahn

Many producers are unsure of what “refugia” is and how it can be used to reduce the onset of drench resistance.  This article should help you understand what refugia is and how to use it successfully in your management program.  It is best used under the guidance of a professional consultant familiar with such programs.

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In an emergency, this app can really help!

Arthur Le Feuvre, Editor.

While WormBoss is about helping Australian sheep producers improve management of sheep worms, from time to time we see something that we figure might be useful in a way that has nothing to do with worms.

We know that, from time to time, producers, their families and their staff can be faced with an emergency and need emergency aid – ambulance, fire or police.

A major issue for these situations is letting the emergency call centre know exactly where the emergency is located, particularly if a helicopter is needed.

Now there is an app you can put on your Iphone or Android that makes it easy to do. 

In situations where callers are unable to give clear and accurate location information, this app will assist ambulance personnel to find patients and also assists country fire services to improve the response time of crews to incidents including bushfires and road accident rescues.

Rather than ringing 000 directly, the caller opens the Emergency+ app on their phone and taps Triple Zero to make their call. The receiver then asks them to press the Emergency+ icon, which will take them to their map coordinates and they can read out their lat/long information.

Have a look at this video on Youtube

The app works in all States and everywhere where there is mobile coverage.

I have downloaded the app on to my phone and it is simple and very easy to use.  I commend it to you – and hope you never have to use it.

To access and download the app, please see the links below:

iPhone -

Android -

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