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December 2014 Paraboss News

Feature articles

The importance of summer drenches and weaning drenches

from the WormBoss web site

Summer drenches (southern Australia) and weaning drenches are strategic, as they either reduce worm larval contamination of a pasture for the benefit of the whole flock or pre-emptively treat a very susceptible class of sheep. Are you using these drenches wisely? >> Read more.

Optimise your fly treatments

by Deb Maxwell, Operations Manager, ParaBoss

Flystrike prevention treatments are expensive, so getting the biggest bang for you buck makes sense. The time they are applied makes a big difference to their overall impact. The FlyBoss Optimise treatment tool can find the best application time in your area. >> Read more.

Jetting: don't bother unless you do it right

from the FlyBoss web site

Flies are about and lice might be found in long wool soon. Both can be treated by jetting (lice will only be suppressed), but does your jetting plant and your method of application stand up to scrutiny? >> Read more:   Hand jetting for lice.   Hand jetting for flies.

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