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January 2015 ParaBoss News

From the Editor

For the next few weeks, producers will have a few parasite issues on their mind.  Fairly widespread rain has been largely welcome and worm/fly activity will depend on what happens next.  More rain and mild conditions will increase fly and worm activity.  No more rain and hot conditions will probably mean little change.

There are a few simple principles to keep in mind:

1. Don't guess about the level of worm activity—monitor it with Worm Egg Counts (WECs)

2. Test drench effectiveness—drenches to which worms are resistant look effective (the animals appear to respond), but relief is short lived and reappears rapidly and more severely.

3. Use proven tools to help—Drench Decision Guides, and seek professional advice if you are at all uncertain or have resistance issues.

Arthur Le Feuvre

Feature articles

Worm resistant rams—understanding WEC ASBV terminology

from the WormBoss web site

You've heard that using low WEC ASBV rams will improve your flock's resistance to worms, but what do all these ASBV things really mean? >> Read more.

Treating struck sheep: which chemicals kill maggots

from the FlyBoss web site

When treating struck sheep, remaining maggots need to be killed quickly. The IGRs: cyromazine and dicyclanil are not good choices alone.  >> Read more.

Understand lice to kill them or keep them out

by Deb Maxwell, Operations Manager, ParaBoss

When trying to kill lice or keep them out, it pays to know a little bit about them. Take the 5 question quiz to test your knowledge about lice.  >> Read more.

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