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January 2016 ParaBoss News - Feature Articles

Scary statistic

Sheep tapeworms can be up to 6 metres long. But don't worry, they don't cause any problems. WormBoss recommends that you do not treat your sheep for tapeworms—not even lambs. It's the worms you can't see that you should be concerned about!


Feature articles

Easy steps for breeding worm resistant sheep

by Deb Maxwell, ParaBoss Operations Manager

If you’ve decided to get serious about breeding worm-resistant sheep, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. >> Read more.

“Prepared” sale rams—how can you assess their flystrike-resistance?

by Deb Maxwell, ParaBoss Operations Manager

There are many studs whose ram sale team are prepared to look their best on sale day. Unfortunately, that preparation can hide a ram’s susceptibility to flystrike. >> Read more.

New sheep, new lice?

from the LiceBoss web site

Whether you are buying rams from your existing or a new stud or bringing in other sheep, beware of introducing lice with them.  Decide which introduction and quarantine policies suit you. >> Read more.


ParaBoss Technical Workshop

Only 10 places are left for this workshop for professionals who provide advisory services to sheep producers. >> Read more.


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