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July 2012 news

What’s your story?

Arthur Le Feuvre, consultant, Warwick, QLD.

WormBoss has been around now since March ’05 (7 years!). In that time we know that most sheep producers have become aware of it.

We also know that well over 1000 of you receive our email alert each month and that most tend to click onto their state news link.

What we would really like to know is how producers are using WormBoss information and practices on their place to help them manage worms.

The reason we want to know this is so we can share your take on WormBoss with others.

It is a given that sheep producers are notoriously reticent to put their views into a public arena – don’t worry. If you want your name withheld, we are happy to do so.

So, tell us what you are doing, how you are doing it and what effect or benefit do you figure you are getting. Of course, some of you may feel WormBoss has a few problems or is not useful to you. Tell us, we will value it as highly as any other point of view.

I will arrange a prize for the contributions I judge to be the most valuable.

For July 2012 state outlooks, please follow the links below:
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