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July 2016 ParaBoss News - Feature Articles

Feature articles

Just how resilient are prime lambs to worm infections?

by Lewis Kahn, ParaBoss Executive Officer

We all know the difficulties that Merino lambs face from worm infection, but meat-breed (often XB) lambs might be a different matter.  >> Read more.

Classing for flystrike resistance

from the FlyBoss web site

If you class your sheep before their first shearing, consider including fleece rot as a trait to select against. Fleece rot is the number one indicator of susceptibility to body strike. >> Read more.

Pre-shearing lice check

from the LiceBoss web site

Off-shears treatment (including dipping up to 6 weeks) is the only way to eradicate lice. Check before shearing whether you need to treat, but also ask shearers to keep an eye out for lice. >> Read more.

Scary fact: State of origin does matter to Oesophagostomum

In NSW, the mention of Oesophagostomum (venulosum) would generally not cause a stir, but just over the border in Qld, its cousin, Oesophagostomumcolumbianum (nodule worm), can cause severe disease, especially in young sheep.

They don't really stop at the border, so producers on either side should routinely check for nodules on the large intestine of dead sheep and those killed for rations.

WormBoss workshop

Thursday 14 July, Guyra

>>Read more.

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