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June 2014 ParaBoss news

National survey highlights parasite control practices

by Lewis Kahn, Executive Officer, ParaBoss

The average age of sheep producers has increased from 51 to 56 years, the use of worm egg counts was down and practices that will encourage drench resistance are still widely used.  >> Read more.

Optimising shearing and crutching time to decrease flystrike risk

from the FlyBoss website

Time of shearing ranks second behind lambing time as the most critical date in the sheep production system. It is now more important than ever to take flystrike risk into consideration when reviewing the most appropriate time to shear >> Read more.

How is your backlining technique?

from the LiceBoss website

Backline treatments are very popular because of their ease of use, but to achieve good effect, careful application is critical. >> Read more.

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