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June 2016 ParaBoss News - State Outlooks

WormBoss workshop

Thursday 14 July near Guyra

Attend to find out how you could halve your cost of worms and see how project participants are progressing.  More participants are wanted: you will be eligible for subsidized tests and free advice. >> More details.

WormBoss champion to retire

Renowned international parasitologist, Dr Brown Besier, will retire from DAFWA after 47 years. Brown led the development of WormBoss during his time in the Sheep CRC. Fortunately for us, Brown will continue to provide WA monthly reports and serve on the ParaBoss Technical Committee. >> Read more.

The quick quiz

This 3-question quick quiz tests your knowledge of sheep parasites and their control. 
>> Take the quiz.

State Outlooks for June 2016

Yes, they were right about winter rain, it did happen, and typically too much fell in some areas and not enough in others. In barber’s pole regions, winter is usually the time when worm issues are pushed back a little, but worm outbreaks in sheep stranded by the June rains are possible and would not be considered unusual. In the temperate regions, predictions range from a worm free winter in Tasmania to a bumper worm year in Western Australia.

New South Wales
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Recent wet weather has producers worm testing to determine if the pre-lamb drench is needed, and to pin point when worm burdens in other mobs start to increase. Liver fluke has returned to some areas after a series of dry seasons.  

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Worm egg counts are predicted to start to rise in late June and continue to rise throughout July.

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Outbreaks of barber’s pole in winter, is it possible?

Western Australia
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What’s good for pasture and crops in terms of rainfall is also good for worms and blowflies, and this year farmers need to be especially on guard for worm problems.

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If ever it was looking good for a worm-free winter this is it. Monitor mobs diligently in light of the recent rains and record the counts against each paddock to gain a good idea of contamination levels on each.

South Australia
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The weaning drench is the most important drench in a sheep's life.








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