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ParaBoss News - March 2021 - State Outlooks

The Quick Quiz

Sheep that are resistant to worms can prevent some or all worms from establishing and as a result have lower worm egg counts.
Sheep that are resistant to worms can prevent some or all worms from establishing and as a result have lower worm egg counts.

Q1: Which fly initiates the most strikes in Australia?

Q2: When can two lice treatments be mixed together?

Q3: What is the difference between resistance to and resilience against worms?

Q4: If only very few goats (less than 2%) in a herd appear to be badly affected by worms, what are the possible causes?

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State Outlooks for March 2021

Our correspondents report significant variation in the amount of rain received, particularly at the end of the month with the situation on the east coast. Monitoring worm burdens and managing pasture is a running theme across the country, regardless of the weather.

New South Wales
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Worms continue to thrive due to the ongoing wet weather. Larval cultures indicate barber’s pole are common. Now is the time to be preparing for autumn lambing, including a WormTest ahead of time and preparation of low-risk weaning paddocks.


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Pasture conditions continue to favour worms. Drenching based on clinical signs and worm egg count results will be the best way to manage larval contamination on pastures. With temperatures beginning to drop, flies are unlikely to be a problem going forward.

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In areas which have received rain, WormTest now and again in four weeks! Take the opportunity to DrenchCheck if you’re drenching, and make sure you’re using an effective combination drench.


Western Australia
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Much of the state has received some rain in March, which is good for worms. The focus of the next few weeks should be on keeping worm egg counts low to prevent further contamination of pastures heading into winter.

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If producers have given a second summer drench, monitor burdens closely to inform action in autumn, especially if rain falls late March or early April. A growing issue is possible drench resistance in liver fluke.


South Australia
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Lack of rain may have helped kill worms and eggs on pastures, though temperatures have been relatively mild. Pasture contamination will be a significant issue coming into winter under these conditions.

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