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May 2013 news

The Liver Fluke situation

Steve Love, State Coordinator – Internal Parasites, IandD NSW Primary Industries, Armidale

For those with liver fluke on their farms, now is the time for the most important liver fluke drench of the year.

With the past good seasons, liver fluke (Fasciola hepatica) numbers have built up.   There have already been reports of liver fluke disease in sheep and other livestock, some with low liver fluke egg counts (typically less than 100 eggs per gram (epg) of faeces) and some with spectacularly high counts e.g. over 2000 fluke epg.

About now (May) it is getting too cold (below 10 degrees over night) for liver fluke eggs to develop, so now is a good time to strategically drench sheep with a highly efficient flukicide (ie triclabendazole-based) to clean sheep out.

Cattle producers also have the option of Nitromec(R) (ivermectin+clorsulon+nitroxynil), another highly efficient flukicide.

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