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May 2014 ParaBoss News

Foxes, the culprit for high levels of sheep measles in Australian sheep?

Last month's article on sheep measles prompted Dr David Jenkins to send us an update on his recent research into what's keeping the measles in the sheep.  It seems that farmers are doing a good job with their farm dogs, but what about foxes. >> Read more

Life after mulesing

from the FlyBoss website

There is a life after mulesing as many producers have proven. If you want to try it, breeding for flystrike resistance is on the top of the list of things you should do.  >> Read more.

Lice-spotting: what's the best way?

from the LiceBoss website

You think you've got rid of lice, but you want to be sure: Were the sheep treated effectively? Have lice jumped the fence with some stray sheep? Keeping an eye out for lice isn't hard; just a little knowledge goes a long way. Learn how to effectively monitor for lice. >> Read more.

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