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October 2013 news

The WormBoss team has employed a new member to help get the message out that healthy happy sheep are the product of a few thoughtful, easy to do management activities. 

We would like you to meet Wiley Wormboss and his dog “Ripper”.  Wiley and Ripper will be on these pages from time to time – so will some of the other characters you see around sheep yards.     


Pharmaceutical Companies keep on trying to develop new molecules for drenches (and other things), the risks, the regulations, and the possible payoff.  It explains why new molecules are not common – hence the need for producers to use them correctly and appropriately.

David Homer, Merial, takes us through the process.

New products are the lifeline of pharmaceutical companies. Without them, sales eventually drop, profits go down and companies go out of business. This process can take some time if the products that you start with are both unique and highly desirable or needed, and if you are able to effectively create a strong brand reputation and communicate product attributes.

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