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October 2016 ParaBoss News - State Outlooks

Wet weather warning

The big wet is bringing a host of extra problems for livestock.

Here are some situations that cause concern. Go to the full article to see what to look for:

  • If predicted extensive flooding is expected to isolate and restrict sheep or goats for some weeks.
  • When there are expanses of groundwater.
  • Where there are more frequent significant rain events.
  • When an extended period of cool moist conditions occurs.
  • Where paddocks are waterlogged.
  • Where marking occurs at this time.
  • When pastures are lush and more weedy than usual.
  • When floodwaters limit the dry ground around the homestead.>> Read the full article. 

Goats, the same as sheep, but different

While there is much in common between sheep and goats, it's important to know the differences when it comes to worm control. WormBoss now provides the information needed to manage worms in goats. >> Read more. 

The quick quiz

This 3-question quick quiz tests your knowledge of parasites and their control. 

1. Name two common signs associated with a severe infection of either barber’s pole worm or liver fluke.

2.  In summer rainfall areas, should dag scores be used to reduce fly strike risk?

3. What can be added to many dipwashes to limit the spread of dermo?

>> See the quiz answers.

State Outlooks October 2016

Winter and spring weather conditions have produced conditions favourable for infestations of internal and external parasites over the coming months, so constant monitoring will be necessary. Worm testing can be used to indicate the appropriate timing of drenches to control worms burdens and whether those drenches will be/or have been effective. 

New South Wales
>> full report

Worm egg counts are on the rise in most areas of New South Wales and owners should remain vigilant for lice and flies.

>> full report

If rain persists as conditions warm, there will be considerable fly pressure.

Lungworm fatalities have already been diagnosed. Monitor for roundworms.

>> full report

WormTest with a larval culture now.

Western Australia
>> full report

With wet weather and cooler temperatures continuing well into October, there are likely to be more severe problems with worms than in most years.

>> full report

Even though it will be green until well after Christmas, there is little value in delaying weaning (or the first strategic drench).

South Australia
>> full report

The abundant feed has a double benefit of promoting good condition and health in livestock plus diluting access to worm larvae. Monitoring needs to continue throughout the year and especially in the most susceptible class of stock— weaners and hoggets.

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