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September 2014 ParaBoss News

Feature articles

The fit for Startect® in WormBoss regional control programs

by Lewis Kahn, Steve Love and Brown Besier

Startect® is a new sheep drench from Zoetis expected to be released September 2014. Startect® has a number of attributes that will benefit worm control and management of drench resistance, but there are some considerations. >> Read more.

Tackling resistance to flystrike treatments

from the FlyBoss web site

There are a number of management strategies that sheep producers can adopt to minimise the development of resistance or at least delay the onset of resistance. >> Read more.

Pesticide residues in wool

from the LiceBoss web site

Residues are mainly from lice and flystrike treatments. The highest residue levels generally result from long wool treatments or incorrect chemical use, but some post-shearing treatments can also leave high residues. >> Read more.

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