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September 2016 ParaBoss News - Feature Articles

Fast fact

Q: Is a short docked tail length better than long?

The best length is where a healed tail just covers the tip of the vulva in ewe lambs. This gives the least flystrike risk, less skin cancer and less arthritis. >> Read more: Article 1 (pdf) and Article 2.

Feature articles

Use the right dose of drench: under and overdosing and implications for drench resistance

by Lewis Kahn, ParaBoss Executive Officer

Under dosing can increase drench resistance, but overdosing won’t overcome the problem once present. When choosing drenches, use the three important principles to slow development of drench resistance. >> Read more.

Wet spring provides opportunity to identify flystrike-susceptible sheep

from the FlyBoss web site

A wetter than normal spring in many regions will result in more fleece rot this year. Use the opportunity before your next joining to class out ewes with the most fleece rot, to make your flock less susceptible to flystrike. >> Read more.

Can lice be eradicated from ewes soon to lamb?

from the LiceBoss web site

Dipping about-to-lamb ewes is very risky, but backline products take weeks to be effective, and in the meantime, lice can transfer to newborn lambs then back to the ewes when their treatment wears out. The LiceBoss Ewe-Lamb Tool can help you decide on treatment options. >> Read more. 

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