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ParaBoss News - August 2018 - State Outlooks

The Quick Quiz

This quick quiz tests your knowledge of sheep and goat parasites and their control. 

  1. Which age of sheep are most prone to hypersensitivity scours and why?
  2. What is the best (most accurate) and alternative ways to select rams for less wrinkle?
  3. When can two lice treatments be mixed together?
  4. Are there times when drenches don’t improve anaemia and FAMACHA scores in 2 weeks?

>> Check the answers.

State Outlooks for August 2018

As the drought continues in the eastern regions of the country, worm testing is again strongly recommended as rain will initiate worm activity, and drought weakened stock will have little resistance to the impacts of even low worm burdens. By contrast, the sheep raising areas of the southern states are having a much better season, both for pastures and unfortunately, worms.

New South Wales
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Producers are urged to keep checking nutritionally stressed sheep mobs for worms even during this drought and especially if rain falls. 

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In spring, worm levels are at their highest across all classes of sheep.

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While worms are not considered a priority in dry weather, monitoring should commence once rain falls or if long dry grass stalks are protecting green growth underneath.

Western Australia
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Recent rains should provide relief to the drier sheep raising areas, but in other regions, after a few months of good rainfall, it may be worthwhile drenching lambs on the cradle.

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Egg counts from worm testing in the last month have been almost universally high.

South Australia
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Recent worm egg count monitoring indicates an abundance of worms despite minimal ground cover in most agricultural areas.


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