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Is your WEC service provider ParaBoss-certified?

It’s time to start asking if your WEC service provider is ParaBoss certified.

A WormTest is essential practice for all producers looking to make the best parasite management decisions for their farm.  Using ParaBoss-certified WEC provider will give you the confidence to know that you are basing your worm management decisions on accurate results.

Inaccurate worm egg counts can result in producers missing the optimum drench time: too late and there will be lost productivity and animal welfare impacts; too early and drenching costs are not justified.

The ParaBoss Worm Egg Count Quality Assurance Program allows worm egg count (WEC) providers to demonstrate the accuracy and precision of their service and be endorsed by ParaBoss if they meet the prescribed standards.

About two-thirds of WEC QA participants successfully met the initial ParaBoss standards in the 2019 and 2021 program rounds; about one-third did not meet the accuracy or variability standards. Subsequently, a further 10% became accredited after follow-up actions.

These WEC providers can be found on the WormBoss Professional Service Providers pages.

Find out more about the ParaBoss WEC QA program here