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ParaBoss Certificate in Sheep Parasite Management

The ParaBoss Certificate in Sheep Parasite Management has received enormous support across the sheep industry, with advisors all over the country recognising that this qualification raises the bar of those offering sheep parasite management advice.  

There are now 100 graduates of the ParaBoss certificate in sheep parasite management, with many of these coming from industry powerhouses like Elanco, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Elders and Nutrien.  

Here is what our graduates have to say about the Certificate:  

“Excellent course. Clear and concise instruction and quiz questions. Extremely valuable to my employ.” Paul Dugan, Elanco  

“A well developed and thoughtful course that every sheep producer should do. The ParaBoss tools are powerful and very accurate and can really help with decision making on farm.” Jon Ham, Boehringer-Ingelheim 

“I found the ParaBoss Certificate an excellent way of upskilling to ensure I am providing the most up-to-date advice to customers.” Courtney Tourle, Nutrien  

“A really great overview to all the available information out there on sheep worms including available tools, decision guides and info in an easy to understand format. Highly recommend for all in the industry.” Evelyn Walker, LLS 

“Great course to give credibility and technical knowledge within our industry.” Adam Turnbull, Elders 

“This was a valuable course to improve understanding and awareness of the available ParaBoss tools.” Rick White, Elanco  

“The tools for fly management were exceptional and gave me a real understanding of both the range of treatments available, and how important timing and planning are in minimizing risk and maximizing production.”  Kennedy Maeder, Gulgong Stock & Rural - CRT 

“Go at your own pace, highly valuable information that is relevant to what happens on farm.” Will King, Elanco 

Make sure Your advisor is ParaBoss Certified.