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New England WormBoss Producer Demonstration Site Workshop

Wednesday 12th July 2017

8.30 am - 1 pm

Kurrajong, Deepwater, northern NSW


RSVP essential by Friday 7 July:
Deb Maxwell
0437 524 16

  • Attendance free
  • Morning tea supplied
  • Please bring your own CHAIR 
  • New project participants wanted
  • Invite a friend or neighbour

Morning Tea Sponsor for this workshop
Morning Tea Sponsor for this workshop


  • Using and monitoring low worm-risk lambing paddocks
  • Preparing low worm-risk weaner paddocks
  • Using the Barbervax vaccine (plus Q&A session after workshop) by Fiona Macarthur
  • Worms and liver fluke
  • Project participants’ use of WormBoss
  • The new combination drench: Zolvix Plus, by Peter Ramsay, Elanco

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WormBoss PDS is funded by MLA
WormBoss PDS is funded by MLA

After the workshop: 1.30–3.30pm

There will be two concurrent sessions:

Barbervax Q & A session (approx 30 minutes)

Presented by Fiona Macarthur to answer all questions about Barbervax—please note there is an initial session during the workshop.

Worm Egg Counting Training (approx 2 hours)

Presented by Nigel Brown, NT LLS, Glen Innes. This is limited to 10 people from the NT LLS district, and is free. It is a practical "how to do WEC" session using microscopes.

Contact Nigel directly to book: 0419 434 087

New WormBoss project participants

—are still also wanted, who will

  • Apply WormBoss on one mob of ewes and weaners 
  • Conduct a Drench Resistance Test
  • Conduct WormTests
  • Receive guidance and advice on test results

MLA pays over half of these test costs so it’s a great way to get started with WormBoss.

Our workshop hosts, mother and son, Jude Cox and Jeremy Phipps, are using the WormBoss program on Kurrajong.

  • Attendance is Free
  • Morning tea will be provided courtesy of ELANCO 
  • Please bring your own chair
  • Please forward this invitation on to your friends and neighbours
  • Consider becoming a project participant
  • Time and location details sent after you RSVP

RSVP essential by Friday 7 July

Deb Maxwell  0437 524 163

or reply to this email

Work smarter, not harder;

give WormBoss a go,

it’s easier than you think.


WormBoss is funded and managed by MLA, AWI and UNE