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Try the newly upgraded WormBoss website at with its new and improved features:

The monthly WormBoss News providing regional worm outlooks will continue to be available at or emailed to subscribers.  WormBoss News will also be improved by feature articles on key worm control issues.

WormBoss Worm Control Programs

Eight regional programs cover the main sheep production areas of Australia and were developed by local parasitologists, veterinarians, consultants and scientists with extensive knowledge and experience in sheep worm control.

Each program takes a ‘what to do and when to do it’ approach and deals with:

  • grazing management and preparation of low worm-risk paddocks
  • breeding worm-resistant sheep
  • when to WormTest and when to drench
  • managing drench resistance

The practical, proven and cost-effective strategies enable you to create a long-term worm control program for your property that will keep you in control and not constantly reaching for a drench gun.

On the web site choose Your Program from the main menu and then choose your region. There is a summary for each region plus pages on each topic. You can also download or print a pdf full copy of each program.

Drench Decision Guides

Drench Decision Guides, also developed by the local experts, supplement the long-term programs by providing a day-to-day tool to help you decide

  • when a drench should be given
  • what length of protection is warranted
  • when to next WormTest the sheep or review the Drench Decision Guide again

There is a Drench Decision Guide for each of the eight WormBoss regions.

On the WormBoss home page, choose Solve your current worm problem, or from other pages, choose the Drench Decision Guides button in the left menu.

New drench searches

Having used a Drench Decision Guide and if it’s time to drench, then choosing the right drench (effective on your property) is critical.

WormBoss Drenches can help you choose a suitable drench through these searches:

  • Search by worm type and length of protection
  • Search by drench group, then active ingredient
  • Search by less important worms and other parasites
  • Search by drench product name

Of course the most critical thing for your drench choice is to know which drench groups are effective on your property.

By doing a DrenchTest each 2­–­­3 years and DrenchCheck-Day10s in between, you’ll know which of the active ingredients that you find in the searches you can use. The Tests and Tools section has step-by-step instructions on these tests and more.

Try out the new WormBoss website to see how it can help you keep in control of worms.

We also urge you to spread the news about WormBoss by forwarding this email to your neighbours and friends who run sheep, and encouraging them to Subscribe to WormBoss.


From the WormBoss team