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Welcome to the November edition of WormBoss News

State outlooks for November 2012

New South Wales

A nice overview by Steve Love plus district reports from LHPA vets—worm activity is variable, so appropriate monitoring is needed to prevent any unhappy events around Christmas.

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Moderate to high counts in some districts. Barber’s pole is starting to emerge. Summer drenching should be in place using effective drenches.

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High counts are still coming in—mostly because of worms carried over in the sheep and on the pasture. Scattered rain in some districts hasn’t helped. Stay vigilant.

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Western Australia

Little activity around Esperance. Across the State, summer drenching is all the go. The key to making this effective is to treat the right sheep, at the right time with the right drench.

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South Australia

A dry end to spring has limited the need for drenching. This does not mean stop monitoring. Regular monitoring will prevent problems later and alert you to emerging infections.

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Marking is largely finished and weaning has started. It is a critical time to get drenches right, do a drench resistance test and start ‘smart grazing’ for winter pastures for weaners.

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Feature Article

Choosing Drenches (Lewis Kahn, Associate Professor, Animal Science, UNE, Armidale)

Choosing your drench is a critical management decision these days. Resistance to many drench actives is widespread and severe, so the drench you use needs to be the right one. Click here to read this article.


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