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Welcome to the December edition of WormBoss News

Killing worms is a serious business, but a little laugh might lighten things up, so I’ve found some funny quotes from the book “Disorder in the American Courts”  - click here to read.

Happy Christmas and a great 2013 to you all!

Your WormBoss editor, Arthur Le Feuvre

State outlooks for December 2012

New South Wales

Variable activity in most regions.  Monitoring essential where rain has fallen.

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Fairly low activity around Benalla—be sure to quarantine drench any introduced sheep.

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High counts still coming from some regions despite hot dry weather.  Any significant rain will see barber’s pole really creating problems—be vigilant.

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Western Australia

Unseasonal rains in many parts could cause worm problems—do WECs.  Managing for worm control in hoggets should be carefully thought through.

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South Australia

Generally worm activity is low, but there are still some pockets of high counts.  Don’t guess—do WECs.  If drenching, think about implementing new knowledge regarding managing drench resistance better.

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Dry conditions mean strategic drenches should work better. Do not delay weaning.

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Feature article

A Vaccine for Barber's pole worm – it’s getting closer (Dr Brown Besier, DAFF, Albany WA)
Vaccines for worms have been a dream for the sheep industry (global and local) for many years.  It might just be going to happen for one of the most problematic worms. Click here to read this article 

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Drench Decision Guides (DDG)

Deciding if there is a need and when is the right time to drench is now so easy with the new WormBoss Drench Decision Guides.

These give you a day-to-day tool to help you decide:

  • if and when a drench should be given
  • what length of protection is warranted
  • when to next WormTest the sheep or review the Drench Decision Guide again

There is a Drench Decision Guide (DDG) for the eight WormBoss regions, which were developed by local parasitologists, veterinarians, consultants and scientists with extensive knowledge and experience in sheep worm control.

You can use your regional DDG directly on the web and you can print them. Keep copies in the office, ute and with your drenches (printed DDGs are 2 pages).

On the WormBoss home page, choose ‘Solve your current worm problem’.
From any other WormBoss page, choose the ‘Drench Decision Guides button’ in the left menu.

- The WormBoss team -

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