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Welcome to the February edition of WormBoss News

State outlooks for February 2013

New South Wales

Worm activity is variable and can change rapidly – be alert!

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Generally, worm activity is low because of dry hot conditions - but they have not gone away.

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Worm activity is still high in many regions – and will stay that way while variable storms/showers persist.  Think about what is happening or has happened during floods.

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Western Australia

Low activity generally.

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South Australia

Activity is fairly low. WECs will tell you what you should do.

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Feature article

Believe it or not, success in any business depends on the ability of the managers of that business to change and adapt the business to meet the challenges that inevitably occur in all business environments.  Producers have paid many millions of dollars to uncover better ways to manage their businesses.  As you read, ponder why so little of this beneficial knowledge has been taken up by producers.

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WormBoss Drench Searches

Easily find the right product next time you need to drench, with the WormBoss Drenches search.

If, with the help of your regional Drench Decision Guide, you have decided it is time to drench, then choosing the right drench (effective on your property) is critical.

WormBoss Drenches can help you choose a suitable drench through these searches

  • Search by worm type and length of protection
  • Search by drench group, then active ingredient
  • Search by less important worms and other parasites
  • Search by drench product name

The searches not only provide drench product information, but they list which drench group and active ingredient the product belongs to, allowing you to plan your drench rotations. They also say precisely which worms and the stages of those worms that the drench active ingredient targets.

There are also drench resistance notes that describe the nation-wide drench resistance status of the drench active ingredient, highlighting the importance of you doing a drench resistance test each 2–3 years.