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Welcome to the March edition of WormBoss News

State outlooks for March 2013

New South Wales

A rapid increase in worm activity (particularly Barber’s pole) has followed rain.  Other species are on the move.  Grazing management has proved highly effective and has negated the need for drenches where it has been used.

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Rapid increases in WECs has followed the rain.  Monitor WECs frequently.

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Some parting thoughts from the WormBuster lab after 20 years of valuable service to the Queensland industry. We will miss Maxine’s expert assessments and advice.

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Western Australia

Rain has meant worms are on the move.  Barber’s pole around Esperance.  Some critical advice on timing the ‘summer–autumn’ drench.

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South Australia

Activity is fairly low. WECs will tell you what you should do.

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Feature article

Worm resistance to the ML (also known as ‘mectin’) drenches is quite widespread and can be severe.  However, not all worm species are exhibiting resistance to the same degree.

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