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Welcome to the April edition of WormBoss News

State outlooks for April 2013

New South Wales

Worm activity is variable with plenty of Barbers Pole in some districts.  Where the season is dry there are less problems.  Multiple drench resistance continues to increase in incidence and severity.

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Moderate worm activity in the Benalla district.  Coccidia are causing some problems.

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Highly variable worm activity depending on rainfall.  Maxine offers some thoughts on producer attitudes to worm management and control.

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Western Australia

Moderate worm activity in the South West.  Mostly Barber’s Pole causing problems.

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Useful rain has got the worms moving.  Lambs finishing under irrigation are most at risk.  Mature sheep risk depends on where they are – crop residue, pasture or the scrub.

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There is no update for South Australia this month.

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Feature article

Sheep producers are always griping about the prices they receive for wool and meat.  There’s a more reliable way to achieve the same result.

Lewis Kahn explains how increasing productivity (something the Australian Wool Industry has never been good at!) is much, much easier than trying to get markets to pay more for the product.  This fact is also referred to by Maxine Lyndal-Murphy in the Queensland report.

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