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Welcome to the May edition of WormBoss News

We welcome Andrew Whale from Livestock Logic Hamilton to our list of contributors. (See the Victorian worm update).

State outlooks for May 2013

New South Wales

A pretty wide cover of most LHPA regions.  Worm Egg Counts (WECs) are, as usual, very variable depending on rain and previous management.

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Good rain over most of the state has relieved the feed situation.  Expect worm activity to lift from current levels.  Monitor regularly, especially those mobs most at risk ie ewes in poorer body condition. Liver fluke is starting to show up.

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Generally worm activity has lowered, mostly due to drier conditions.  Eastern parts are still under challenge.  The biggest challenge facing sheep producers in most districts (apart from dogs) is drench resistant worms.

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South Australia

Rain over the last few weeks has given a lift to farming and grazing.  In around 3 weeks expect to see the worms getting active.  Regular monitoring is essential to prevent crashes in ewes and lambs later.

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Western Australia

Worms have got moving following rain.  Monitor risk mobs – hoggets and weaners.  Coastal areas should be aware that Barbers Pole could linger in wet mild conditions.

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Some rain has improved the outlook for pastures.  WECs are generally low, which is great.  However, resistance to some key drenches is getting more prevalent and severe.  Use more sustainable management if you want to have effective drenches in the future.

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Feature article

Liver fluke can be dealt a severe blow at this time of the year.  Steve Love tells how.

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