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Welcome to the June edition of WormBoss News

State outlooks for June 2013

New South Wales

Generally worm activity appears to be low.  This may be a reflection of low numbers of worm egg counts.  Actual counts are highly variable, with some showing fairly significant numbers of Barber’s Pole, despite the cold weather.

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Good rains have booted WECs upwards.  Monitor regularly, especially stock in lower body condition ranges. Some scouring is the result of bacterial infection – WECs will help you get the diagnosis right and save stock and money.

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Worm activity depends on where the showers have been.  The weather has not been cold enough to slow Barber's Pole (it never is in Qld!).  Do spot checks (WECs) to be certain worm numbers really are as low as you hope!

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South Australia

A couple of months since the break and with showers following up means good pasture growth and an increased risk of worm outbreaks. Worm egg counting is recommended monthly in weaned lambs and hoggets or bi-monthly in adults to monitor worm burden development.

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Western Australia

High worm activity was predicted following useful rain and it has happened.  Regular monitoring is essential to prevent significant production losses.

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Pastures are starting to get moving.  Worms may not be far behind depending on previous management. Be aware that drench resistance to Moxidectin appears to be increasing.  Do a test to be sure that drenches will be as effective as you hope!

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