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Welcome to the July edition of WormBoss News

State outlooks for July 2013

New South Wales

Despite all sorts of internal machinations, our LHPE/DPI contributors have stepped up with information from all districts.  Show your appreciation them by taking on this very sound advice.

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Correct monitoring is essential to constantly ensure worm management is going according to plan – implementing correct strategies will significantly reduce the number of drenches used and the onset of drench resistance.  Less drenches, less musters, more income.

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Depending on where you are, worm issues vary from none (droughty) to significant (normal) back to none (it rained but management has been sound). The constant challenge in Queensland is deciding what is “normal” and what is not – and how to manipulate management accordingly.

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South Australia

Beneficial rains have continued.  Worm burdens are still low(ish), mainly due to previous dry spells.  Keep monitoring, because the situation will probably change.

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Western Australia

Depending on where you are, rain has been very beneficial.  Worm Egg Counts (WECs) have varied and reflect the quality of management.  We are entering a critical time of the year to get things right so there are no problems later.

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WECs have remained mostly low, but the best results have been as a result of “smart grazing” where no drench has been necessary.  Heaven!

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