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Welcome to the August edition of WormBoss News

State outlooks for August 2013

New South Wales

Worm Egg Counts (WECs) are very variable across the state.  The interesting thing is that many counts are turning up with a majority of Barber’s Pole worm.  It makes a lie of the commonly held belief that Barber’s Pole goes away in winter.

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Some very interesting results from WECs and Drench Resistance Testing.

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August is the critical month in Queensland as far as sheep worms are concerned. Get things right at this time of the year and you will prevent disasters later – particularly if it rains.

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Western Australia

Things are very wet in many districts and worms have become active. Testing is the order of the day.

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Conditions are very wet and cold – meaning Black Scour worms are on the move.  Watch out for black tarry scours and do regular WECs.

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Feature Article

Two very useful articles – one relates to resistance to Monepantel (Zolvix) and the other demonstrates the value of “Smart Grazing”.

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