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Welcome to the September edition of WormBoss News

State outlooks for September 2013

New South Wales

Worm Egg Counts (WECs) are on the rise following useful rain over many regions.  If you have sheep anywhere in NSW and you have had rain, start doing WECs - if you have not already started.

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WECs have shown a significant increase in worm activity.  There have been some deaths and much reduced productivity.  If you have not done WECs lately - do them now.

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The rain in the southern states has not happened in Queensland.  Most sheep regions are in drought, with little or no worm activity.  Please remember Barber’s Pole worms are hypobiotic, meaning they can hang around in the sheep and wait for rain.  The exception is parts of the South East.

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Western Australia

Good rain has bought out the worms in force.  Barbers Pole has become active in the South West around Esperance.  The big concern right now is lambs and weaners.  Adult ewes should have WECs to ensure they are not contributing to future problems.  Be certain the drenches you are using are combinations and fully effective.

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Conditions are still wet and scour worms are very active.  Any weakness in management has resulted in some deaths and quite a lot of reduced productivity.  Producers using smart grazing have reaped the benefits of reduced drenching and healthy productive stock.

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