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Welcome to the October edition of WormBoss News

State outlooks for October 2013

New South Wales

Barber’s Pole worms are getting very active in some regions and are likely to get worse with more rain. With a summer drench due and correct choices essential for the future, WormTests and resistance tests will prove invaluable.

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Good rain and good feed availability have kept most stock healthy, but there are plenty of worms about.  Seriously think about Resistance Tests if you have not done one recently.

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Generally, things are still drought stricken with worm activity in most regions non-existent.

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Western Australia

Timing the weaning drench and making the correct choice of drench are critical decisions for producers right now.  Do regular WECs and Drench Resistance Tests to guard against a disaster later.

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Wet weather has turned to windy weather.  Most producers seem to be managing a dangerous situation – possibly due to great nutrition and lots of pasture to dilute larval availability.

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