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Welcome to the November edition of WormBoss News

State outlooks for November 2013

New South Wales

Worm activity is mixed but is expected to increase after recent good (and generally) widespread rain.  Some properties have experienced worm problems, mostly attributable to undetected infestations (no WECs) and/or resistant worms (no resistance testing) – that is poor worm management.

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A great season with good nutrition has kept stock healthy and gaining weight.  WECs are down from last month.  Do not relax.  Keep up the WECs and do not drench adult sheep unless needed – big bucks, less work and less resistance will result.

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Generally, things are still drought stricken with worm activity in western regions non- existent.  In the eastern districts (Maranoa/Darling Downs/Granite Belt) worm activity is increasing and no WECs/resistance testing has resulted in poor treatment outcomes.

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Western Australia

Worm activity is high in many districts.  Some losses are occurring, particularly in lambs.  Use of ineffective drenches is exacerbating problems.  Drench lambs with a known effective drench on to stubbles ASAP.

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More wet weather has ensured WECs are still higher than they should be.  Get weaning, expect to drench more, seek advice on the use of long-acting drenches and do monitoring WECs every 4 weeks.

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South Australia

As the weather warms up, worm activity is dropping a little. Only drench adults if a WEC shows it really is needed – 2 summer drenches equals breeding resistant worms.  In general, rely on WECs rather than guesses.  Implement non-chemical management strategies to further control worms without increasing resistance.

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Feature article

Our contributors report only 10 – 15% of producers regularly do WECs and resistance tests.  As a result worm management and control across the industry is generally poor and resistance is increasing faster than it should. 

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