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State outlooks for December 2013



New South Wales

Most districts are experiencing reduced worm activity due to a burst of hot windy weather that has dried everything out.  Around parts of the New England, drench resistant Barbers Pole is causing issues.  Worm Egg Counts saves drenching and reduces the onset of resistance.

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In general, adult stock are coping with worms rather well, but 2013 lambs are feeling the impact and need regular monitoring.  Introducing lambs to grain will boost weight gains and development of resistance to worms.  Blowflies are active in some parts.

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Drought in most districts means few worms.  The south east regions need to regularly monitor to prevent crashes and unwanted Christmas drenching.

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Western Australia

Barbers pole has been active in the wetter southern coastal regions.  Warmer dry weather will reduce challenge elsewhere.  Now is the time to start planning for effective worm control in 2014.

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Relatively continuous rain, coolness and wind have provided the stage for severe worm challenge that will test even very good management.  WECs at short intervals are the order of the day, particularly in lambs and weaners.

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South Australia

Worms have had a good year on properties with sub-optimal management.  Other properties have experienced little or nil need to drench.  Drenching “by the book or calendar” is not a good idea.  Be careful treating sheep before shifting to stubbles.

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Feature Article

Many of you will remember that we reported on a case of Monepantel (Zolvix) resistance in goats in New Zealand.  Here Steve Love, NSW DPI, Armidale furthers the story.  There are good lessons for us all in this.

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