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Welcome to the January edition of WormBoss News

State outlooks for January 2014

New South Wales

Worm activity is generally low, but where useful rain has fallen monitoring is needed.  Recent rainfalls may change this scenario.

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Worms are inactive where it is dry, dead where there have been fires.  Where there has been useful rain, deaths in young sheep continue. Resistance continues to be widespread and highly variable between properties.  Seek professional assistance.

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Not much change from last month.  No worms where it’s droughty (most regions), monitoring needed where rain has been useful.  Hopefully the lack of rain will be remedied soon.

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Western Australia

Lack of rain until very recently has kept worms fairly quiet except on the SE coast.  This is likely to change with the rain.  Make sure your summer drenches are as close to 100% effective as possible.

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Worms may have slowed a little for the time being.  Be certain that ewes are not carrying a sufficient worm population to contaminate pastures later.  Monitor weaners closely, maybe they will need their second summer drench a little early.

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